Tropical Islands

Since December 2004, the Tropical Islands Resort is open day and night- around the clock all year long.

On the winding paths of the rain forest the visitor will see giant palm trees, tree orchids and an exotic flora.

Sunshine all year long
Relaxing in a deck chair under the palm trees, feeling the white sand under one’s feet, spending the night on the beach … Holidays!

25 degrees in the shade
Pleasant warmth at any season. In the tropical ocean, which is as long as three Olympic Games Pools, the water measures 28 degrees Centigrade.

Culture and fun
A colourful street market with exotic flowers and souvenirs, fascinating music- und dance groups in the tropical village. Cuisine, culture and tradition of the world’s most beautiful tropical regions attract the visitors. A fantastic holiday, ending with an evening show, which carries away everybody, followed by a cheerful beach party.