Moviepark Babelsberg

Right at the gates of Berlin, Filmpark Babelsberg takes you into the world of film and television.

Everything that belongs to film is staged here for visitors: sets, props, costumes and technical equipment from yesterday and today. In the studio of the dream craftsmen, painters, plasterers, costume and make-up artists give an exclusive insight into their work and show how perfect illusions are created. Guests can also find out what tricks the film and TV professionals use in the many sets and exhibitions or during the guided tour of the "Original GZSZ Outdoor Set".

In unique shows, stuntmen, pyrotechnicians and film animal trainers demonstrate their skills. And in the TV show in TV Studio 1, visitors can be in the spotlight themselves: as weather forecasters or lighting doubles. And in the new making-of show for the movie "THE THREE MUSKETERS IN 3D", visitors themselves become part of the production. The 4D action cinema or the world's first interactive XD experience in the Dome of Babelsberg provide the necessary thrills.

And even the youngest visitors will find their fun. In the glass studio of "Radio TEDDY", on the jungle playground or in Panama - Janosch's dreamland, not only children's hearts beat faster...

A culinary experience in the medieval ambience of the "Prince Valiant" restaurant rounds off an unforgettable visit to the film park.