Cocktail training

Cocktail training

19 nov 2021,
17:00 uur - 19:30 uur

€ 34,50 p.p.

Havanna Bar

You always wanted to know how to mix cool and delicious cocktails?

Now you have the opportunity to attend our cocktail training. You will be supported by our versed and professional barkeeper. He will show you how to mix those drinks with sense, freshness and professionalism at home, which also will be a nice surprise for your friends and guests. Of course you can taste your mixed drinks during the training. Last but not least our barkeeper will certify you.

We wish you lots of fun.

You can find the dates here.

 34,50 € per person including welkom drink, 3 Cocktails and Certificate

5 pm till 7.30 pm in our Havanna bar.

Info & Reservation: 033708-580