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Even if none of the seven world-wonders of the ancient world is situated in the saxon provincial capital, still there is one building arranged to the next over the centuries. Frauenkirche (Church of our lady), Residenzschloss (residence castle), Zwinger (dungeon), Semperoper (semper opera), Elbschlösser (Elb castles), die Hellerauer Gartenstadt (the Hellerauer garden city) or the awarded buildings of  modern architecture – Dresdens sights are famous all over the world.

Elector August the strong and those who followed him with fate, virtuosity and insistency have created unique museums like „Das Grüne Gewölbe“ (The Green Vault) and „Die Türckische Cammer“ (The Turkish Chamber) by their passion of collecting, which impresses both tourists and locals again and again and makes Dresden a city of art and culture with international standing.